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Welcome to the Balentine Wood Flooring Company
projects page. Traditional as well as unique installations are available to set your home or office apart from all others.

Past projects
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Custom installation or refinishing include the traditional home to restored Victorians and museums or even gymnasiums and sport courts. Please click on the photos below for a larger image.

French knot flooring pattern Gymnasium floor refinished and striped Restored Victorian with reclaimed Australian Jarrah hardwood and custom herringbone pattern

French Knots

Yoe residence Ukiah, California
  Outside view of Museum Rongey residence in Laytonville, California featuring tan oak flooring    
Museum floor restoration
Laytonville, California Residence   Custom Victorian  
  Custom home in the Berkeley Hills, California Ukiah, California residence with madrone flooring   Bale house - constructed from hay bales  
  Custom homes Berkeley Hills, California Mayfield Estate, Ukiah California  
Bale house
    Prefinished parquet pattern with green diamonds    
  White oak stairs   Prefinished parquet pattern  
Douglas fir kitchen floor
  Double walnut feature strip with manufactured rosebud inlay in a field of 3 1/4 inch white oak   5 inch black ash in Ukiah, California home      
  Rosebud inlay in field of white oak   Steiner residence Ukiah, California      
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